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Luke 1:37
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Felicia Marion is an internationally acclaimed artist who reaches her audience through contemporary spirit filled Music and Worship. "The hallmark of Felicia's ministry is evangelism." She is a psalmist with a true servants heart for the hurting. Felicia meets people wherever they are: in shelters, street corners, concerts, crusades, revivals, conferences, beachfronts, churches- for no other reason, but to share the love of Christ.
The Mission
Her diverse genres of music, enables her God ordained gift to relate to people of all cultures. Thousands of lives in several countries have responded to her challenge to accept the Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. It is difficult to resist the beckoning of the Lord through this oracle whose voice has been described as "angelic," and "anointed." Her ministry focuses on reaching people with the message of hope, especially the disappointed, discouraged, wounded and abused. Breaking through superficiality and emotional make-ups.
The Person
Felicia has faced some of the toughest blows life can dish out. Born and raised in South Africa, during the vicious rule of government that sanctioned racial oppression known as "apartheid,'" she became a celebrity in a system that sold her talents as a commodity, but never respected her as a person. Her extraordinary vocal presence was evident as a toddler, standing on table tops to sing in her family band, performing in musical theatres productions in South Africa. She soon gained notoriety as a member of the all female singing group: "Joy." indisputably the most popular South African pop group of the 70's. Their mega hit: "Paradise Road," topped the nations music charts for nine consecutive weeks.
Her ministry stretches from New York to Johannesburg, Aruba to Brazil, Bolivia to Zambia, The Cayman Islands and the greater Europe. She has featured with acclaimed jazz artists such as Hugh Masekela, Miriam Mekeba; undertaken studio recordings with Jonathan Butler, Gwen Guthrie and Lynette Hawkins Stevens. In 1996, she was honored with the "Best Gospel Artist" award from the Association of South African Music Industry. In 1999, she featured at the world renowned "Alleluia Gospel Festival" in Jamaica. The featured psalmist at the "Sign, Sealed and Saved" evangelistic crusade in Trinidad. Her released music albums to date are: "Sweetwaters / Amazimtoti;" "My heart is His" and "Compassion."
The Passion
While Joy was enjoying the attention of popularity of the nation, touring steadily for six years, Felicia was unprepared for the trappings of success. She turned to drugs, alcohol and destructive relationships to ease the pain, only to find her young life increasingly devoid of meaning.
Driven to commit suicide, she stood at the window, about to jump, when the telephone rang, it was a Christian friend who 'felt led' to call her. She was reminded of her great value and the purpose of God for her life. Ever since, Felicia has been passionately living out that purpose.
"I want to touch the lives of the people I meet, especially wounded women who identify with my past life-style and young people who aspire to what may appear to be fame and fortune." …..Felicia
Her earlier music album: "My heart is His" delicately encapsulates her "Passion for God and Compassion for People. "
As an ordained minister with Raise His Praise International Ministries, Felicia is adequately equipped with sound doctrine to effectively minister the Word of God through music, worship and teaching.
"She tugs at the strings of your heart and touches your inner most being; breaking through emotional makeup and spiritual disguise, with the tangible sensitivity of the love of Jesus, flowing through her ."
Rev Neville Billy
Founder - Raise His Praise International Ministries
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