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"Everyone needs a helping hand at some stage."

 - Pastor Neville Billy

 Most people would like to help, but not everyone has  the means to help.

With the rising cost of living and the demands of life, seldom is there a  surplus to help others.

However, money is not the only means to lend a hand to someone  in  need, 

There are ‘no cost’ ways to serve others. 



Using your hands to serve others costs you nothing, but a little love and care.

This philosophy is   confirmed by thousands of recipients around the world as they relay their stories of appreciation.   

One particular report blessed our hearts when a member of our church relayed an observation at a Hurricane Katrina relief effort where a man showed up to ask if he could help.

There is nothing  unusual about volunteers who showed up in thousands to lend a hand,

accept this man only had  ‘one hand.’  



If you would like to help...

"Most people are in possession of humanity’s greatest resource – the use of their hands"

 ~ Pastor Neville Billy

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