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Raise His Praise International ministries was founded in 2000 by Pastors Neville and Donnella Billy who responded to the call of God upon their lives to reach people around the world with the hopeful message of a 'loving God, loving People.' 

They have traveled and ministered individually throughout America, Europe, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, with multi-level gifting as conference speaker, prophet, singer, musician and song writer.


Raise His Praise Church was subsequently established as a base for its international ministries to operate from and to create a loving and caring local Church for people from all walks of life to feel welcomed and loved. 

Every Sunday people from across metro Atlanta attend the vibrant and contemporary Worship Services with inspiring and user-friendly sermons that are easily implemented into daily routines and applied to life's challenges, enabling them to experience and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus Christ provides for every human, irrespective of who we are, what we've done in our past or what we're struggling with in our present.

Healing is often experienced by those who are suffering from various physical illnesses as well as emotional and stressful conditions.

Neville Billy's other leadership roles and responsibilities:

  • Chaplain for Roswell Police Department

  • Regional coordinator for the Annual National Day of Prayer at Faces of War Memorial.

  • Co-directed the music for worship during Cape Town’s Jesus ‘92 with Benny Hinn Ministries.

  • Served the Mayor of Cape Town, as Music Convener for 50,000 citizens who attended ‘March for Jesus 96’ to pray for the first ever local government post-apartheid elections in the history of South Africa.

  • Served on the Executive Committee of Vision South Africa 1997, in association with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA) that hosted a twin city outreach in South Africa, attended by 207,975 people.

  • Led worship for the BGEA pre-crusade meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in 1997.

  • Served on the youth commission of The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa in 1997.

  • Pastoral adviser for Youth for Christ’s international music ministry ‘Khanyisa’ since 1983.

  • Pioneered the first Bethesda (Church of God) in Cape Town, South Africa in 1985.

  • Served on Promise Keepers steering committee to South Africa in 1997.

  • Music Chairman for Parents in Prayer with Students in Atlanta, GA. 1999.

  • Served on the board of directors for Nashville based Lighthearted Comedy.

  • Founding president of North Atlanta Family Network.

  • Founder of Business Prayer Network - Roswell, GA

  • Serves on the Board of Chaplains with the Georgia Chiefs of Police for Roswell.

  • Regional overseer for the Annual National Day of Prayer at Roswell City Hall since 2003.

  • Overseer for New York based Zion Hill Church.

  • Founder of Raise His Praise Water4Life - Uganda. 

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