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BEING real with 'REAL LIFE issues' that confront men.

These 'Man to Man' sessions allow men to lower their guards and allow healing to take place in their lives.

Relates to the various roles of men: husband, father, son, brother, nephew, employer/employee,

business executive, etc.

Mentors younger men with a 'prevention program' that outlines the pitfalls and hard facts of life, followed by a 'preparation program' that equips men with healthy and Godly alternatives.


Promoting a balanced lifestyle for men to enjoy.


Structuring suitable environments for men to thrive at home, work, church and the community.


Showing how to have a personal and beneficial relationship with God.


Empowering men with God's Word to handle all scenarios and situations in life.


Challenging men to live a life of excellence in character, morals and values.

Holding each other accountable to integrity.


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